EF-Series EuroFrame™ Gen 2 Cabinet
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Availability: Europe

The EF-Series EuroFrame Gen 2 Cabinet is an easy-to-use, computer and network equipment storage cabinet that complies with data center, computer room and premise network equipment room requirements. It is available in 15 popular frame sizes.

EuroFrame Gen 2 supports up to 1500 kg (3300 lb) of equipment load. Equipment mounting rails are adjustable in depth in fixed 25 mm (1") increments and the markings on the frame provide easy vertical alignment during adjustment. The rails feature a Z-shaped design and have attachment points along the sides for accessory cable rings that create a vertical pathway for cables. Every cabinet includes a top panel, front and rear doors, transport casters and leveling feet.

Features include:

  • Standard design configuration includes 78% perforated front and rear doors to support optimal front-to-rear airflow management
  • Brush-covered cable openings in the top panel provide easy access for overhead cabling
  • High static load rating supports up to 1500 kg (3300 lb) of equipment
  • Lockable two-piece side panels for easier handling provides quick access to equipment and cables
  • Cabinet solution adaptable to server, network or mixed-use application
  • Vertical Exhaust Duct configuration for high-density applications
  • Sized to match industry standards
  • Thermal, power and cable management accessories