110D Block Mounting Brackets
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110D Block Mounting Brackets are designed for wall- or rack-mount, providing integrated wire management and mounting surfaces for 100 pair or 300 pair 110D blocks. Separate cabling and jumper paths allow for maximum cabling capacity and ease of installation.

Four 600 pair Mounting Brackets will mount to each side of any 19”W CPI Rack. Four 900 pair or three 1800 pair Mounting Brackets will mount to each side of any 35”W CPI Rack.

The single-sided 110 Customizable Frame supports up to 4500 pair while the double-sided model holds up to 9000 pair. Multiple racks can also be bayed together. The steel frame consists of three vertical channels and top and bottom panels. Openings between each channel provide space for vertical cable management.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports high-density 110D blocks without feet
  • Snap-on horizontal and preassembled vertical cable rings improve cable organization and performance
  • Top and base angles can be removed for mounting the frame to the wall
  • Threaded studs accommodate compression lugs to provide effective grounding
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