Además de los bastidores de dos y cuatro postes que ofrece Chatsworth Products, existe una variedad de productos adicionales que funcionan en conjunto y aumentan el valor de los sistemas de soporte estructural.
Rack Accessories (9 Opciones de Productos)

ExpandaRack is designed to easily convert one CPI two-post rack into a high-capacity 4-Post Frame.

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ExpandaRack Pan Sets designed to easily convert two CPI rack assemblies into one high capacity 4-Post Frame.

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These racks used to mount up to 6 RMU of rack mount equipment flush to the wall. Ideal for small or tight spaced installations. Supports 150 lb. Mounting hardware not included. Made of strong, lightweight aluminum.

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Full swivel capability allows rack to be easily moved, providing access to equipment. The front wheel locks to prevent unintentional movement. Mounts to most CPI Universal or Standard Racks and adds 1-1/4" (31.8 mm) to rack's height.

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Rack Channel Standoffs provide a variety of solutions to many electronic component positioning problems.

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Rack Extension Kit provides additional height to existing rack. Kit includes one pair of rack channels, four plates, and assembly hardware

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Mount to CPI Universal or Standard Racks, regardless of width. Fixed rollers prevent rack from accidental turning. Adds 2" (50 mm) to rack's height. Supports 500 lb (226.8 kg).

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Allows rack to be moved, providing access to equipment. Wheels may be locked to prevent moved during assembly stages. Holds any width CPI Universal or Standard Rack.

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Purchase optional Supplementary Server Support Arms to firmly secure the tops of tall servers to the rack. In some instances, they can also help you mount your server if its captive screw holes are in the middle or top of the device.

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