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Wire Cage Enclosures

Wire Cage Enclosure - WIRE-CAGE-ENCLOSURE-RGB72.jpgWire Cage Enclosures are a simple, economical way to partition your space and secure your equipment.

Wire Cage Enclosures from Chatsworth Products (CPI) create a security partition around your equipment in shared facility spaces, such as Multi-Tenant Data Centers (MTDC), colocation sites, entrance facilities and equipment rooms. Wire Cage Enclosures feature an open design made from a woven wire mesh that allows airflow to equipment, while providing physical security. 

Features include:

  • Scalable, modular design allows the system to match site requirements. All components ship together as a complete kit. Posts and panels bolt together to form the cage. Self-drilling screws are used to attach doors. No cutting or grinding is required during installation. 
  • All cage assembly hardware is inside the cage, so panels cannot be tampered with from the outside.
  • Support posts have welded base plates that allow direct floor anchoring. Panels bolt directly to support posts, utilizing the heaviest assembly hardware in the industry. 
  • The open 2” x 1” rectangular mesh design allows free circulation of air to support the existing cooling system, lighting design and the fire suppression system within the secured area.
  • Available in Glacier White finish to match your F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinets, N-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Network Cabinets and GF-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinets.
Easy Configuration and Ordering 
Simply contact CPI Technical Support, and they will ask a series of questions about the size of the cage and preferred door size, style, location and lock. CPI will create a quote based on your described solution, and your order will ship as a complete kit under a single part number.

    Sales Support

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