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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-750)

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-750) - 60100P_RIM-750_ANGLED_RGB72.jpgThe Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-750) System provides remote monitoring of environmental sensors for a single server cabinet or a small computer or telecommunications equipment room. Select from a full line of sensors for continuous environmental, power and security monitoring.

The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-750) System from Chatsworth Products (CPI) is easy to setup and use, providing web access to a dashboard for monitoring real-time conditions and email notification when conditions exceed user defined thresholds. Use RIM-750 to provide critical early warning when site conditions change.

RIM-750 is a compact appliance that has four inputs for temperature and temperature/humidity sensors, eight digital inputs for dry contact sensors, and a single input for leak detection. Use the digital inputs to monitor magnetic door sensors, motion sensors, a smoke detector, or summary alarms from other equipment. 

The product's dashboard displays all sensor conditions in a single view. You can select alarm conditions and how to respond to an alarm with a sound, light, email and/or by enabling the relay. For notifications, you can designate a single email address for alarms, which are sent through your SMTP server, or forward alarms as SNMPv2 traps or Modbus/TCP to other facility management systems. 

Features include:  

  • Simple installation and setup
  • Web-accessible with a clean, easy to use, mobile friendly web interface that displays sensor readings and trends
  • Monitors eight digital inputs and four temperature or temperature/humidity sensors, plus one zone of leak detection with up to 200 feet (60 meters) of Sensor Rope
  • USB power inlet allows you to power RIM-750 with the included wall adapter or a USB port on a server or other device, such as the eConnect® PDU 
  • Multiple alarm notification configurations including audible and visible indicators, email messaging and/or relay activation 
  • Relay output allows for simple control of an external device upon alarm condition
  • Modbus or SNMP output enables simple integration with other facility management systems (BMS)
  • Integrated logging and trending, including CSV downloadable trending data


Try RIM-750 Online Demo

RIM-750 Online Software Demo
Test the intuitive interface and functionality of the remote monitoring capabilities of the RIM-750.

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