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LCD Monitors

KVM, 1 RMU,  17' LCD, Drawer, Single Rail, UK Keyboard  - 37200-112P_RGB72_150.jpgCPI's LCD Monitors include a variety of products that range from a stand alone LCD Monitor Shelf to LCD/KVM Consoles.

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CPI's LCD Monitors and KVM Consoles provide a single set of peripherals for convenient at-the-rack access to one or more computers. Models that do not include a KVM switch can be connected to a switch with included cable. Dual slides allow LCD display and keyboard tray to open separately.

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Product Cut Sheet
LCD Monitor
17" LCD KVM Drawer
Dual Rail LCD KVM Drawer, UK Keyboard -  37200-112P_RGB72_150.jpg
The 17" LCD KVM Drawer is a combination LCD flat panel display, keyboard and touchpad console that provides a single set of rack-mount peripherals for accessing computer equipment in four-post racks and cabinets. Combine with a KVM Switch to access multiple computers.
Combination LCD panel, keyboard and touchpad drawer. Available in single and dual rail models. Can be connected to KVM switch.
1.73”H x 17.4”W x 18.1”D (44 mm x 442 mm x 460 mm)
17" LCD with TFT display
US or UK layout with integrated touch pad
Mounting brackets, power cord, HD15 to VGA/PS2/USB Combo KVM Cable
FCC, CE (all)
LCD Monitor + Shelf
LCD Monitor + Shelf
Increase usable space inside your rack with this flat-panel monitor which stores horizontally. When needed, pull out the monitor and rotate it to a position in front of your other mounted equipment.
Includes 2U monitor tray and separate keyboard tray. Purchase together or separately.
LCD Monitor Shelf: 19"W x 2U Keyboard Tray: 19"W x 1U
17" LCD with TFT display
US with integrated touch pad. Available with gold contacts.
Mounting brackets, VGA cable, power cord
3/21/2019 2:44:54 AM