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PowerScope In-Line Meter

PowerScope In-Line MeterUse PowerScope In-Line Meter to upgrade your basic PDU for real-time power monitoring.

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When you upgrade a basic and locally metered PDUs with an in-line current meter you will enjoy real-time power monitoring which is essential to improving power usage effectiveness (PUE) in your data centers and equipment rooms. Additionally, it will help identify power problems and track power demand, allowing you to organize IT processes and equipment for the most efficient use of available power.

Features include:

  • In-line power meter with NEMA, California Style or IEC style connectors
  • Select models available with local current meters to provide easy current monitoring
  • Provides network-based current monitoring
  • Integrates with Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software providing real-time IP-based power monitoring across your entire enterprise
  • Available for single-input, dual-input, single-phase or three-phase PDUs
  • 19"W x 1U x 9"D (230 mm)
  • Includes two-post mounting bracket; power cord is attached

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