UL Classified Cable Runway

CPI's Cable Runway supports backbone and horizontal cables between the point of entry and exit into the telecommunications or equipment rooms, and cross-connects on racks or cabinets with other CPI Cable Runway Products. CPI UL Classified Cable Runway is classified by Underwriters Laboratories for sustainability (as an equipment grounding conductor only). The side stringers are 1 1/2' x 3/8' x .065' (38.1 mm x 9.53 mm x 1.65 mm) and the cross members are 1/2' x 1' x .065' (12.7 mm x 30 mm x 1.65 mm) welded at 9' (230 mm) intervals. Individually boxed to prevent scratching  and damage.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Color is Gold chem film over zinc plating or black chem
  • Underwriters Laboratory Classified for suitability (as an equipment grounding conductor only)
  • The overall length is 9’ 8-1/2”/116.5” (2959 mm) to comply with TELCO-Style standards
  • Individually boxed to prevent scratching and damage
  • Installation Best Practices includes Runway Elevation Kit
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