Pedestal Clamp with Bonding Connector
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Support bonding conductors from round or square raised floor pedestals using the Pedestal Clamp with Bonding Connector. The connector provides a bonding connection for the pedestal and supports up to four bonding conductors (wires) from the pedestal. Use to create a signal reference grid under the raised access floor using #6 AWG or 2/0 bare round conductor. Select the Pedestal Clamp with Bonding Connector to match the style and size of the pedestal and size of the conductor. See the order table.
  • Use Cross Connectors to create signal reference grid intersections; support up to (4) conductors, 2 per side, size #6 AWG or 2/0
  • Use Straight Connectors to support the signal reference grid in-between intersections; support 1 or 2 conductors on one side of the pedestal only, size #6 AWG or 2/0
  • Manufactured from electrotin plated copper or bronze (P/N 40169-003) with stainless steel installation hardware
  • PNs 40169-001 and 40169-002 are UL® Listed, File E236184, Category KDER (US), KDER7 (Canada) - Bonding and Grounding Equipment 
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