Lockable Storage Drawer
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Lockable Storage Drawer is available for 19”W or 23”W racks and cabinets. It includes attachment brackets that allow center mounting on two-post racks with 3” or 6”D (80 mm or 150 mm) equipment channels, or front and rear attachment to four-post racks and cabinet systems with mounting rails that are adjusted between 24” and 39”D (610 mm and 990 mm).

Key Features and Benefits
  • Attaches to any CPI freestanding 19”W or 23”W rack or cabinet system
  • Available in three heights: 2U, 3U and 4U
  • Features 20”D (510 mm) lockable drawer that extends full depth for easy access to stored equipment
  • Redesigned to allow for stackable units
  • Supports a 100 lb (45.4 kg) load (drawer and top surface combined)
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