Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Protocol Converter
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The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) System Protocol Converter provides system integration with facility monitoring and management systems. The RIM Protocol Converter converts sensor outputs in SNMP, BACnet and Modbus protocols into one or more of the same protocols for integration into a building management system (BMS) or network management system (NMS). The Protocol Converter is ideal for environments where data from monitored equipment is incompatible with the protocols used by the BMS or NMS, especially in applications that feature legacy monitoring systems.


Key Features and Benefits
  • Multiple input and output protocols allow easy integration with a wide variety of equipment
  • Communicates with building management and network management systems
  • Web-based interface simplifies setup and configuration
  • Connects up to 32 devices (units, modules, or nodes)
  • Monitors up to 1,024 Modbus registers, OID, or instances
  • Use the dual port Protocol Converter to connect to multiple trunk lines for faster polling with a large number of devices
  • Alarm notification through email when a device stops communicating
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