CCS-EFX Combination Cabling Section with Extended Fingers
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The CCS-EFX is manufactured from a combination of strong, lightweight aluminum sheet and plenum-rated composite materials for maximum strength at minimal weight. CCS-EFX is packaged in a single carton for easy handling and includes installation hardware.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Cable openings on the front are sized to fit 48 patch cords, twice the capacity of the CCS; openings have rounded edges to protect cable and will not deform or break
  • Cable openings on front of CCS-EFX align with rack-mount unit on rack, allowing cables to exit by rack-mount unit
  • The front door hinges open to the right or left and locks in the closed position to protect cables
  • Open cabling section on the rear of CCS-EFX allows large premise cable bundles to exit the manager into the rack-mount space. Spin closure latches secure cables
  • Attach to 3”D (80 mm) Standard Racks, Universal Racks or QuadraRack
  • Mounting hardware and doors are included
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