GVCS Global Vertical Cabling Section Double-Sided
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The two parts of the Global Vertical Cabling Section can be quickly assembled and then bolted to CPI's Universal and Standard racks, as well as QuadraRack and Adjustable QuadraRack frames. It ships partially assembled with patented cable guide fingers at 1U intervals. Each single-sided section includes a two-piece section, a two-piece door/cover and mounting hardware. Each double-sided section is a one-piece section and two-piece door/cover.


Key Features and Benefits
  • Patented cable guide fingers at 1U intervals provide an organized pathway for cable and patch cords
  • 7’H (2.1 m) provides 45U
  • Snap-on, hinged door/cover hides cable for a finished appearance, yet allows quick access to cable for making changes
  • Door/cover swings on hinges to open left or right
  • Acorn nuts eliminate sharp edges, reducing injuries and torn cables
  • Seven 2.5” (64 mm) pass-through ports allow cables to transition from front to back
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