Adjustable Rail QuadraRack
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The Adjustable Rail QuadraRack (ARQR) provides a sturdy, feature-rich solution for supporting rack-mount network, computer server and data storage equipment in data centers, computer equipment rooms and other IT facilities.

Each rack includes a Top-Mount Cable Waterfall Tray with adjustable radius drops to allow easy side-to-side routing for patch cords. Use with any CPI cabling section (Vertical Cable Manager) or Cable Guide Kits to organize cables along the sides of the rack. Attach CPI Cable Runway to the top of the rack with J-Bolts, a Cable Runway Mounting Bracket to support overhead premise cables. A side panel is also available.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Available in three heights
  • Threaded mounting holes that speed up installation of patch panels, fiber enclosures and network switches
  • Each rack-mount unit is marked and numbered
  • Front pair of mounting rails may be mounted to allow rack-mount unit numbering to start at the top or bottom of the rack
  • Rear mounting rails adjusts in depth
  • UL Listed; File E227626; Category NWIN (US), NWIN7 (Canada) - Information Technology and Communications Equipment Cabinet, Enclosure and Rack
  • Each rack supports up to 2200 lb (1000.0 kg) of equipment
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