Velocity Standard Pack
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Consolidating your equipment and cabling needs saves time and money. Enter the Velocity®™ Standard Pack (VSP), an easy-to-use solution for managing those needs at the cross connect. The VSP comes complete with one CPI Standard Rack, a concrete floor installation kit, and a single or double-sided Velocity® Vertical Cable Manager packaged in a single carton. CPI’s Standard Rack supports patch panels, fiber enclosures and network switches and is UL® Listed, with easy set up and use. Velocity® Cable Managers are single and double-sided cable management troughs that control cable feed with a patented system of large cable openings that align with each equipment-mounting space on the rack. The snap-on cover provides quick and easy access to cables and a clean, finished look for a complete cable management system. Double-sided cable manager, 6”W (152 mm). Cable managers can be mounted on either side of the Standard Rack.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Numbered rack-mount spaces on Standard Rack are printed on the equipment mounting channels, providing the installer an easy way of positioning equipment in planned spaces.
  • Includes bonded assembly and a built-in attachment point for a ground (earthing) connection on Standard Rack for easy attachment to the Telecommunications Ground.
  • Cable openings in Velocity vertical cable managers align with rack-mount units on the rack, allowing cables to exit by rack-mount units.
  • Cable openings have rounded edges to protect cable and will not deform or break.
  • Cover snaps on and opens to the right or left for easy access to cables during moves, adds or changes.
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