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Hi-Bar™ 1014-IND compact Wi-Fi Access Point enclosure is designed specifically to protect APs in challenging indoor environments. This rugged polycarbonate enclosure protects the AP and associated cabling from tampering and disconnect. The enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signals so APs with body integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected. The enclosure is paintable, and can be used to conceal and protect APs in many challenging indoor locations.

Features & Benefits

  • For indoor use, smooth exterior finish, mounts flush to the wall
  • Virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Plastic is easily drilled and machined for custom cable ingress and installation
  • Enclosure is paintable
  • Cover attaches with four tamper resistant stainless steel screws
  • Ligature-resistant design minimizes points of attachment when used in ceiling applications in low-risk behavioral health areas

Technical Specifiactions

  • Design: Compact, rugged polycarbonate Wi-Fi AP enclosure designed for surface mounting AP indoors. Conceal and protect AP and cabling from tampering and disconnect
  • Performance: Designed to NEMA 1, 2, and 12 for indoor environments. Transparent to wireless signals. Paintable
  • Screw on cover with gasket. Cover screws must be torqued to 8 in-lbs. Cover screws are recessed into cover. Comes with standard and tamper resistant screws
  • Internal universal T-bar bracket to attach most vendor’s APs
  • Construction: Gray Textured UL94-V0 Polycarbonate Enclosure Base and Cover; White Powder Coated 18 Ga. (1.2 mm) Steel T-Bar, Stainless Steel Cover Screws
  • Exterior Size: 11.02 in. x 9.30 in. x 3.96 in. (280 mm x 236 mm x 100 mm)
  • Interior Size: 10.74 in. x 9.02 in. x 3.68 in. (273 mm x 229 mm x 94 mm)
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