Además de los bastidores de dos y cuatro postes que ofrece Chatsworth Products, existe una variedad de productos adicionales que funcionan en conjunto y aumentan el valor de los sistemas de soporte estructural.
Mounting Brackets (5 Opciones de Productos)

110D Block Mounting Brackets are designed for wall- or rack-mount, providing integrated wire management and mounting surfaces for 100 pair or 300 pair 110D blocks.

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Used for easy and space-saving mounting of standard 110D Type Wiring Blocks (not included).

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anyServer Bracket is a simple, yet sturdy solution to secure virtually any server to a 19”W, two-post open rack.

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Block Mounting Bar mounts terminal blocks, card files and other equipment on 19” and 23” racks.

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Versatile 1.75"H (44.45 mm) rack-mounting hinges provide rear access to patch panels or other shallow equipment by allowing them to swing outward. Made from high-strength black composite material.

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