Equipment Bonding Jumper Kit
Bonding Jumper Kit; INCL 1 #6 AWG jumper 24" (609.6mm); straight lug; R/A lug; mounting hardware
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Equipment Bonding Jumper Kit Overview

Use the Equipment Bonding Jumper Kit with the Vertical Rack Busbar Kit to bond rack-mount equipment. The Equipment Bonding Jumper Kit includes a 24”L (710 mm) insulated green/yellow helical stripe #6 AWG bonding conductor with a Slotted Compression Lug on one end and a 90° Slotted Compression Lug on the other end. The 90° Slotted Lug attaches to the busbar, allowing easy alignment with equipment. The Slotted Compression Lug attaches to equipment. The kit includes an abrasive pad, antioxidant joint compound and two installation screws to prepare and secure the jumper to the busbar or ground bar. The installer must provide installation hardware for the lug that attaches to equipment.

  • Each kit includes (1) 24”L (710 mm) insulated bonding jumper with attached lugs, (2) plated installation screws, an abrasive pad and joint compound
  • The lugs are made from electroplated tinned copper and have (2) mounting holes spaced .5” to .625” apart that accept 1/4” screws
  • UL Listed Components, File E236184, Category KDER (US), KDER7 (Canada) -Bonding and Grounding Equipment
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