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Para aprovechar al máximo su gabinete industrial de Chatsworth Products, CPI proporciona una variedad de accesorios de valor agregado para complementar su funcionalidad y facilidad de uso.
Grounding and Bonding (4 Opciones de Productos)

The RMR Enclosure Grounding and Bonding Kit provides bonding to the enclosure or bonds the optional mounting plate.

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Ground Wire Kit includes jumpers and hardware to bond the enclosure frame, panels and doors.

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Hardware Kits are used to attach plates, rails and accessories to the RMR Modular Enclosure frame. The interior of the frame is punched with attachment points on 1" (25 mm) increments. Traditional thread-forming screws allow direct attachment to the frame. Drop-in bolts and nuts speed installation and still provide a bonded connection.
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Busbar Kit includes a 19”L (482.6 mm), 3/4”H (19.1 mm), 3/16” thick (4.8 mm) hard-drawn electrolytic tough pitch 110 alloy copper bar with eight #6-32 tapped lug mounting holes on 1” (25.4 mm) centers, two insulators and mounting hardware. Attaches to the RMR WallMount Enclosures on the back panel and provides a common bonding point.
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