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Power IQ for eConnect Software and License, With 1 Year Maintenance Plan

Key Features and Benefits

  • PIQ software simplifies overall management by:
    • Constantly synchronizing data between eConnect Rack PDUs and PIQ software
    • Maintaining centralized authentication, access and auditing of all equipment
      • Providing centralized power control of all IT assets connect to Switched and Switched Pro PDUs
  • Providing centralized grouping capabilities of outlets, PDUs and other equipment
  • PIQ software automatically collects power and environmental data from CPI eConnect Rack PDUs, sensors and other intelligent equipment within the data center.
  • Make Informed Power and Capacity Planning Decisions
  • Monitor Data Center Health to Prevent Costly Unplanned Downtime

Capabilities include:

  • Full Support of Secure Array™ IP consolidation technology, allowing an alternate IP address to be assigned for failover events
  • Automatically polls eConnect PDUs for constant synchronization between PDUs and PIQ Software
  • Centralized authentication, access and auditing of all equipment
  • Enhanced cabinet capacity, utilization and failover simulation report shows remaining power and allows pairing of any number of PDUs in a cabinet
  • Inbound trap filtering and outbound trap forwarding simplifying hardware and system configurations
  • Centralized grouping capabilities of outlets, PDUs and other equipment
  • Automated emails alerts for quick identification of hotspots and other threshold violations
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