Industry standard software platform for wireless cellular and Wi‑Fi network planning & design.

iBwave Solutions Database

Now it's easier than ever to specify popular Oberon™ solutions using the iBwave Solutions In-Building Networks Components Database.
iBwave  is a design tool for RF designers that allows the planning, selection, placement, RF modeling and creation of design and construction documentation for RF and fiber designs. It allows selection and placement of components from the iBwave Solutions Database, which includes a wide range of APs, small cells and antennas that can be virtually configured to model site RF coverage, supported by a mobile component that allows site testing to certify the design.
It also allows diagraming of the physical network, selection of controllers, infrastructure, racks and enclosures and mounts to create a complete bill of materials for the project. Although access points, small cells and antennas can be surface-mounted on ceilings or walls, Oberon enclosures and mounts address correct orientation, physical security, plenum-use requirements, healthcare infection control and architectural aesthetic concerns.
Simply search Oberon in the iBwave Components Database to access these representative models:

  • Oberon™ H-Plane™ Right-Angle Wall Mount 1101-00-WH – use to mount APs in the preferred horizontal orientation when wall-mounting is required
  • Oberon™ Hi-Bar™ Surface-Mount Lock Box 1015-00 – use to protect and secure APs, Small Cells and Antennas when surface mounting on a wall or ceiling in public venues

  • Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed-Mount with Cover 1019-RM – use to manage cable and recess AP or Small Cell into a wall or hard ceiling in architecturally sensitive applications

  • Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Panel Ceiling Mount with Cover 1040-FL – use in architecturally sensitive applications

  • Oberon™ Wi-Tile™ Suspended Ceiling Enclosure with Locking Dome Door 1047-LPDOME  – use to protect and secure APs, small Cells and Antennas within a suspended ceiling, addresses physical security, plenum-use requirements and healthcare infection control concerns.

  • Oberon™ Netpoint™ Bollard for outdoor use 3032 – Protect APs, Small Cells and Antennas in outdoor applications

For other applications, please contact Oberon sales at 877-867-2312 or [email protected].