MasterFormat® Specifications

MasterFormat® 2016, a product of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), is a widely used standard for documenting project requirements on commercial and institutional building projects in the United States and Canada.

The MasterFormat is organized by divisions and sections. Each division addresses a different set of requirements for the construction project. Division 27 specifically addresses communications construction, providing specifications and instructions for areas such as data, voice, audio, video, cabling, enclosures, grounding and bonding. Division 26 addresses electrical construction and covers areas such as cable tray and industrial enclosures.

How to Use CPI's Product Specifications

The links below provide reference specifications for CPI products under Division 27 and 26. There are also hidden specifiers notes to assist in product selection. Download the files that you need and modify them to match your specific requirements.

CPI also offers BIM Revit drawings on the CPI website or the bimobject® website (formerly Autodesk Seek) including models that make creating runway and tray pathways easy, as well as aisle containment doors and ducts.

Section 27 21 33: Data Communications Wireless Access Points

This document provides minimum composition requirements and installation methods for the following:

  • Oberon™ In-Plane™ - Panel, Suspended and Hard Ceiling Recess Mounts
  • Oberon™ H-Plane™ - Open Ceiling and Right-Angle Wall Mounts
  • Oberon™ Hi-Bar™ - Wall and Hard-Ceiling Surface Mounts
  • Oberon™ M-Frame™ - Modular Wireless Mounting Platform
  • Oberon™ Skybar™ - Outdoor and Public Venue Access Point Enclosures
  • Oberon™ Wi-Tile™ - Suspended and Hard Ceiling Locking Enclosures
  • Oberon™ NetPoint™ - Wireless Bollards For Outdoor and Public Venues
  • Oberon™ Retrofit Doors and Trims – Replacement Doors and Trims
  • Oberon™ AP Covers – Vanity Covers for Existing Products

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