Oberon provides the largest variety of Wi-Fi access point mounting solutions for both primary and higher education, supporting full-campus solutions across greatly varied installation environments.

Any Campus. Every Scenario.

All college campuses feature Wi-Fi networks throughout their facilities. Wireless is mission-critical for instructional content, classroom programming, and overall lifestyle. The speed and integrity of the Wi-Fi network is a key selling point for many campuses when recruiting students.

Integrate Wi-Fi technology into any campus environment without compromising performance.
Oberon offers a wide variety of products to help the AP blend into the environment, including recess wall mount enclosures and paintable vanity covers. These features allow a seamless integration in both new and historic campus buildings.

Campuses require high-density Wi-Fi in stadiums, auditoriums, and larger classrooms where large numbers of users aggregate. Oberon solutions include compact, non-metallic NEMA4 (waterproof) designs for installing APs beneath stadium or auditorium seats and for mounting APs and antennas on walls and pillars.

Residence halls create a challenge, as they are often block-wall or brick and concrete construction to withstand the rigors of residence hall life. Oberon offers a number of solutions for this challenging environment, including non-metallic surface mount lock-boxes and right-angle wall brackets.