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Secure. Aesthetic. Convenient.

You need enclosures and mounting solutions for wireless access points in a wide variety of environments. Oberon ensures every wireless installation is secure, easy to maintain, and matches your aesthetic.
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Explore special considerations for deploying Wi-Fi in healthcare facilities. Discussion includes ICRA compliance, endpoint security, architectural considerations, fire and smoke ratings, and IP67 Ceiling Enclosures.
Installing Wi-Fi & Small Cell Access Points in K-12 and Higher Education Facilities Image

Wi-Fi and Small Cell wireless networks are ubiquitous on college campuses and residence halls. Full-campus installations challenge the network designer and installer because wireless service is required in such diverse settings as classrooms, libraries, laboratories, administration buildings, residence halls, auditoriums, stadiums and outdoor areas.
Adding complexity to the network design process, these facilities are comprised of many types of construction, including historically and architecturally sensitive buildings, older construction residence halls, high-density classrooms and auditoriums, and outdoor campus areas.
The wireless network is an essential part of educational programming and administration and is used for campus-wide notification, IoT and research.
Establishing Outdoor Wi-Fi Networks for Schools Image

Whether providing drive-up options during the current crisis or preparing for ongoing and future needs, a well-designed outdoor network provides critical services to the education community.

With stay-at-home rules in effect in many locations, school districts are implementing on-line learning for their students. For those students who may have limited internet access, some schools have established outdoor Wi-Fi networks near the school where some students can access the District network while maintaining safety protocols. 

Meeting the Challenges of Expanding Wi-Fi Outdoors Image

Now more than ever, wireless installers face requirements for ubiquitous outdoor Wi-Fi coverage throughout corporate and college campuses, retail and hospitality environments, municipal areas such as parks and outdoor facilities, and just about any public space. Network designers and installers need to place Wi-Fi access points in diverse and often challenging locations.

While outdoor-rated access points and antennas are ruggedized for outdoor use, the challenge is to protect the installed equipment while concealing it or minimizing the aesthetic impact.

Oberon offers a number of products that are designed to help the network designer achieve the best solution in terms of network performance, maintenance and aesthetics.
Planning for the Next-Gen WiFi-6E Solution Image

Modernize your wireless physical installation methods to prepare for the future.

The constant evolution of wireless technologies and the significant number of devices required to enable a robust infrastructure have clearly shifted the industry to require new and improved methods of installing wireless equipment. As technology evolves, It is clear that installation methods must evolve as well. Traditional methods have changed little over recent decades. There is undeniably a need to provide installation methods for seamless deployment and adequate functionality for the areas in which they serve. Designers, architects, contractors and building owners are seeking new ways to deploy wireless equipment in the ceiling space with critical operational support and aesthetics suitable to architecturally sensitive areas.
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