Oberon™ Wi-Tile™ Ceiling Enclosures 1075
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The 1075 series can be used in any interior application with hard-lid ceilings to recess and secure Wi-Fi APs. It features a smooth exterior design with beveled edges and rounded corners and a locking, Impact-resistant dome door that hides the AP. Alternately, several AP-specific doors are also available. It will fit ceilings with 16-inch support spacing and provides the largest backbox for this application. Mounting hardware is recessed at the corners and secures the enclosure tightly to the ceiling. It has a full backbox that creates a suitable dust barrier to the space above the ceiling and a firestop grommet to seal the
opening in the backbox for cables.

These features allow the 1075 series to be used in plenum ceiling spaces, to address infection control risk assessment (ICRA) procedures in healthcare facilities or to address ligature-resistant design requirements in behavioral healthcare facilities. Use the dome door options in behavioral healthcare facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Use in Behavioral Health Applications – Ligature-resistant design on dome door models includes a screw-activated latching mechanism to secure the enclosure to the hard-lid ceiling surface, smooth bezel and rounded corners to minimize points of sustainable attachment, and impact-resistant dome and locking door to secure equipment
  • Optimal Wireless Coverage – Position equipment for optimal wireless coverage in hard-lid ceiling locations
  • Secure Wireless Equipment – Physically secure and conceal wireless equipment and associated network components
  • Simplify Service – Internal swing down mounting plate included with dome door options simplifies wireless equipment installation, maintenance and migration
  • Conceal and Blend the AP – Dome doors are virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Use in Plenum Spaces – Included fire stop grommet allows cable egress/ingress while maintaining plenum ceiling rating
  • Address Infection Control concerns in Healthcare Facilities – Lockable full enclosure back box simplifies Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures by allowing access to the wireless equipment without the need to lift the ceiling tile, which helps eliminate the possible spread of airborne contaminants
  • Easy to Upgrade – Wireless AP-specific door options are also available; doors are interchangeable to support technology changes
  • Attractive Finish - Attractive, textured, powder-coat finish provides a quality professional installation
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