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Forget Black Friday Shopping, Create a CPI Video Playlist to Make the Most of the Holidays

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Now that Thanksgiving is past, you have some time to sit back and enjoy a few of Chatsworth Products' (CPI) latest YouTube videos!  Better yet, cast the videos to your big screen TV for the entire family. 

Now showing:

Motive™ Cable Management System – Accessory Overview
See how Motive™ Cable Manager’s four tool-less accessories interact with the central track system to provide unlimited adjustability and direct-support for cable bundles anywhere within the cable manager, allowing for maximum use of interior space. Watch now.

Motive Cable Management System – Assembly Overview
Motive Cable Manager was designed with the customer in mind. Watch how simple the assembly is with the intuitive parts that snap together. Watch now.

Clik-Nut™ Hardware Kit
Watch how easy Clik-Nut™ cage nuts are to install. The patent-pending, squeeze-and-release design eliminates the need for tools, resulting in easier and faster installation by at least 70 percent. Watch now.

eConnect® Click Secure Locking Outlets
Take a look at eConnect® power distribution units (PDUs), which are now available with CPI’s patent-pending, award-winning Click Secure Technology. The locking outlets securely fasten equipment to the PDU without the need for proprietary power cords, allowing you to secure your power and save on additional accessory costs. Watch now.

Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet
The Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet is a structurally advanced, metal enclosure designed to provide secure storage for telecommunications equipment in remote locations. Watch how easy it is for one person to install. Watch now.

Two- and Four-Post Rack Integrated Grounding
See how the grounding location is an important feature on two- and four-post racks. It is on one side of the rack channel, thus ensuring proper grounding and bonding, as well as reduction of labor time. Watch now.

Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist

Posted by Shannon Erdley, Public Relations Specialist at 12/09/2016 09:55:17 AM

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