CPI is proud of our highly-trained and experienced employees, many of whom hold various industry certifications and participate on advisory boards and technical committees. If you would like to engage one of our speakers, please contact us.
Ashish Moondra
Senior Director of Electronics and Software

Ashish Moondra has more than 25 years of experience developing, managing and selling rack power distribution, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), energy storage and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions. Ashish has previously worked with American Power Conversion, Emerson Network Power and Active Power, and has been an expert speaker at various data center forums including teaching a BICSI Masterclass on power protection, distribution and management.

Bree Murphy, RCDD
Global Training and Applications Engineer

Bree is an ICT professional with more than 30 years of experience in the industry managing, training, presenting, and selling. She is an accredited 23-year BICSI member, accomplished RCDD, an active and contributing committee volunteer for the BICSI International Standards program, and Women in BICSI. Bree currently provides global technical training, and selling in the wireless, wired, and enterprise building spaces. Additionally, Bree develops material, and delivers presentations at BICSI events, Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine, and various other Partner and Technology forums. Bree authors articles in BICSI ICT Today, Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine, Oberon newsletters and blogs. Topics include updates in the ICT Industry (wired and wireless), current events, best practices, standards, recommendations and more. Bree specializes in the End-User enterprise markets such as Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Transportation, Government and more. Bree works closely with the architects, consultants and design engineers identifying innovative and problem-solving solutions for the customer. Additionally providing strategic planning for integrators, contractors, and distributor business partners.

David Knapp
Product Manager, Wireless Enclosures

David Knapp has more than 24 years of experience in the telecommunications industry with CPI as a product-application expert and technical communicator in the roles of Technical Support, Technical Writer, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager. He is currently focusing on wireless technologies and enterprise networking, including IoT applications. David enjoys identifying, developing and sharing innovative ways of protecting your technology investment.

Emmanuel Castillo Arias
Regional Field Application Engineer for Latin America

Mechatronics Engineer graduated from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico.  With more than 9 years of experience in the IT industry, he has specialized in data center topics in Mexico and the United States, with a strong focus on support infrastructure, has participated in multiple congress and scenarios where he had been speaker on energy backup technologies and thermal efficiency conferences.

Fernando Reyna
Field Applications Engineer, RCDD

Fernando Reyna possesses more than 17 years of technical experience in the telecommunications and data industry. Fernando provides technical advice and service on CPI product applications and acts as a technical liaison between key end-users (Fortune 500 companies), company product managers, engineers and new product development teams. In addition, he regularly presents seminars focusing on data center cooling and the economic benefits of using passive cooling technology to solve thermal management issues.

Ian Cathcart
Channel Manager, EMEA

Ian Cathcart has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in areas ranging from cabling installations, manufacturing, laboratory testing, developing and delivering BICSI certified courses. In his role at CPI, Ian focuses on data center design, product specification and helping customers apply best practices to their data center cooling issues. Ian achieved BICSI RCDD designation in 2007.

John Thompson
Field Applications Engineer, RCDD

John Thompson has more than 40 years of technical experience in the telecommunications industry and has been a BICSI-certified RCDD since 1997. As a contractor, John owned and operated a structured cabling installation company in the Mid-Atlantic region. Prior to joining Chatsworth Products, John was a consultant for a special systems design firm in Baltimore, MD that teamed with architects, MEP firms and worked directly with end users. In addition to assisting with AutoCAD design, John not only developed new construction specification documents, but served as a project manager for health care and higher education facilities projects across the United States. Since joining CPI more than 15 years ago, John has assisted in the design of both new and existing data centers ranging in size from just a few cabinets to many hundreds of cabinets.

Jon Barker
Technical Manager, Europe

Jon Barker, CPI’s Technical Manager for Europe, has over 25 years in the engineering industry, with 11 years specializing in data center infrastructure. As Technical Manager, Jon serves as a technical contact, accountable for resolving pre- and post-sales technical support questions and issues. Jon also provides support to CPI’s Sales Team by delivering product and technology-based presentations to customers, channel partners and industry event audiences.

Matt Burkle
Sales Engineer for Power Solutions, Eastern US

Matt Burkle has more than 20 years of experience in IT sales, reseller channel management, engineering and power quality design. Matt leverages his knowledge of IT trends and product solutions to support CPI's Sales Team and to provide the highest quality of support and solutions to CPI's customers. Matt’s diverse experience gives him the ability to understand the needs, fears and pain points, then offer solutions to help companies run more efficiently, save money, increase productivity and become more environmentally conscious.

Michael Moore
Sr Product Manager; Open Systems

Michael Moore has more than 25 years of experience within the telecommunications industry.  He has held various Product Management roles where he was responsible for developing, launching, and managing new innovative products within the Data Center, Airflow Management, and Information Technology market segments.  When Michael was with CPI prior, he held various roles from Technical Support Specialist, Applications Engineer, Associate Product Manager and Product Manager.  As a Senior Product Manager for Open Architecture, he will be responsible for managing CPI’s Cable Management, Cable Runway & Tray, Grounding & Bonding, Rack Systems, Wall-Mount Systems, Zone Cabling & Wireless Enclosures and Seismic Protection Systems product lines.       

Michael Zhang
Technical Support Manager, Asia Pacific

Michael Zhang has more than 16 years experience in the IT industry. From 1994 to 2000, Michael was an IT manager in charge of the IT infrastructure for a global logistics company in the greater China area. His main roles included facilities manager, project manager, system consultant and trainer. Thereafter, Michael had another seven years of IT experience in Canada as an IT manager for an international logistics service provider before joining CPI. Michael’s expertise is in the field of structured cabling, data center facility management and project management. He was also invited to the Data Center Standards Board of Committee of Shanghai.

Milad Mouseghy
CPI Power Sales Engineer

Milad Mouseghy has over 12 years of experience in the data center infrastructure industry including, but not limited to, rack power distribution units (PDU), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), data center infrastructure management (DCIM), cabinets, and data center services.  Milad has experience working as a trusted consultant for a value-added reseller (VAR), carrying a wide variety of products, and working for various power manufacturers.  Milad is the power business development manager for California and uses a holistic approach employing in-depth product knowledge, "outside the box" thinking, and customer-centric service to help his clients.

Sam Rodriguez
Sr. Product Manager, Cabinets, Containment & Industrial Solutions

Sam Rodriguez is the Senior Product Manager for Cabinets, Containment & Industrial Solutions at Chatsworth Products.   He has over 31 years of experience in the communications market and has been an employee owner for 26 years.  He has held several progressive roles including Senior Product Manager for Cabinet and Thermal Solutions, Technical Services Supervisor and Technical Support.  As a Senior Product Manager, he manages CPI’s ZetaFrame Cabinet System, RMR Industrial Enclosures and Aisle Containment portfolio.  He has been an active BICSI member for 19 years and received his RCDD credentials in 2005.  He is a leader of CPI’s product development organization and contributes to the design and development of new innovative product solutions.  In his current role, he is focused on developing CPI’s Cabinet, Containment & Industrial Enclosures and Thermal Solutions to support the increasing requirements for Edge Deployments, IOT and IIOT applications.  

Scott Thompson
President, Oberon Wireless

Scott Thompson is the founder and president of Oberon, a Division of Chatsworth Products. Mr. Thompson founded Oberon in 1999 as a wireless networking design firm, and, from lessons learned in wireless network design, created products and solutions for other professionals in the industry. He is focused on enabling and facilitating secure wireless infrastructure in virtually any venue. Prior to Oberon, Mr. Thompson worked in the automotive radar and defense electronics industries.

Steve Bornfield
Sr. Data Center Consultant

Steve Bornfield worked at Intel Corporation for over 20 years, holding various roles in facilities, wafer factory support and IT with data center of the future designs. While employed with Intel, he became an expert in the latest state-of-the art cleanroom design and construction, which he is now bringing into data centers. Mixing this with his more than 25 years of construction experience, Steve is driving many new cutting-edge ideas and changes to data centers. Steve’s vast background also includes mechanical and electrical construction.

Ted Behrens
President and CEO

Ted Behrens oversees the direction and management of CPI globally. He is responsible for ensuring the company continues its growth in the global ICT and industrial enclosure markets and maintains the core value of “Delighting the Customer” with CPI’s products and services.

Prior to being appointed to this position, Ted successfully served as CPI’s Executive Vice President of Product Management, Hyperscale, IT & Marketing. He has held various roles in his 14-year tenure with CPI, including Director of Product Management, Vice President of Operations, and Executive Vice President of Global Engineering and Product Management.

In addition to his extensive data center and product development experience, Ted provides comprehensive product sales assistance and leads new market identification projects and product positioning. Ted also carries this experience over to serve as one of CPI’s expert speakers, presenting at various events to educate attendees about power and infrastructure management solutions.

Before joining CPI, Ted was the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Epicenter Inc. (acquired by CPI in 2009), a leading provider of data center infrastructure management tools to the enterprise and managed services market. Prior to founding Epicenter, Ted served as Vice President of Sales for Carrera Computers, a manufacturer of Alpha-based servers and workstations.

Ted received a BSEE from Bucknell University.

Todd Schneider
Senior Director of Product Management and Hyperscale Business Development

Todd Schneider is the Senior Director of Product Management and Hyperscale Business Development at Chatsworth Products, Inc.  Todd has over 25 years experience in the data center space covering a wide variety of functional areas including Product Management, Business Development, Sales Engineering and Product Development.  His current roles focus on driving standard new product innovation to CPI's core offerings and delivering customer-centric, customized solutions to Hyperscale Operators.  Schneider previously worked at Legrand, Electrorack and Wright Line.

Tom Cabral
Product Application Specialist, RCDD

Tom Cabral has worked in the telecom industry for 27 years and has been employed with CPI for 22 years, serving as a Regional Sales Manager, Field Applications Engineer and now Product Application Specialist. Tom provides technical advice and design specifications on complex product applications and acts as a technical liaison with a high level of knowledge on product operation and performance. In addition to graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Marketing and Business Communications from the University of Maryland, he is also RCDD certified.

Kayla Hicks
Training & Development Manager
Accredited, On Demand Courses