Upgrade Security/Monitoring System
Extend the network and secure new network connections.

Physical security for protection of personnel and assets is becoming increasingly important. The network is also an integral part of communicating threats, status and actions to personnel. In response, many organizations are upgrading video surveillance and access control systems in their facilities and on their campuses. 

IP cameras provide an easy way of upgrading video surveillance systems and are typically attached to the network using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) to deliver both network and power to the cameras via a single copper cable. This eliminates the need for a separate power connection and provides more flexibility when locating cameras. Enhanced PoE can power cameras with advanced pan/zoom/tilt functions. An upgrade to your video surveillance system presents an opportunity for network upgrade. Consider upgrading your network switch(es) to support enhanced PoE, higher power delivered to end devices. This will support IP cameras with advanced features, Wi-Fi access points that support faster network connections, and higher feature desk phones. That may require some updates to network cabling and your UPS/battery backup as well. CPI offers a range of racks and cabinet/enclosures to support and secure equipment in controlled or shared spaces whether you are cabling a single zone or an entire facility. 

Extending access control to enclosures that house IT equipment, especially in shared spaces, is also increasingly important as more regulations regarding data security are enacted. If your IT equipment is housed in separate, secure rooms with controlled access, this may not be a concern. But as IoT applications grow, the network may extend into areas that aren't controlled by IT. For those sites, you can add electronic locking systems to enclosures that can be programmed to use existing employee credentials. This will add an additional layer of locking and logging between users and equipment. Data protection regulations require equipment to be secure and for a log of access to be maintained. CPI offers a networked electronic access control locking system to provide both. 

Why Choose CPI? 

CPI provides a total solution. We recognize that each project has specific requirements. We have a robust standard product offering that demonstrates a wide range of design and manufacturing capabilities including designs for heavy duty racks that can be moved when fully populated and seismic racks that are enhanced to help resist damage from earthquakes. Our focus in cable management is how the structure can adapt to the cable, so you can define specific pathways to optimize cable performance. Our access control solutions record cabinet-level access attempts to monitor access to equipment. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.  

For design activities, we offer CAD drawings and specifications for our standard products for construction documentation and project manuals. Standardizing on a racking solution for your networks will speed installation and simplify construction. We will customize racks if there are additional project-specific requirements. 

For deployment, CPI will pre-install accessories per your direction, so cabinets include cable and thermal management and intelligent PDUs. Alternately, we can kit solutions. We assign a single, project-specific part number for easy ordering. Our channel partners will assist with additional kitting, staging request and complex logistics. 

Contact CPI today and let one of our Technical Support Specialist help you specify a solution.  

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