Edge Computing
Environmentally rated industrial enclosures, environmental controls and remote monitoring.

As the number of remote sensors and remote controls continues to increase, networks will need to manage more data. But not all this data needs to go to the cloud. Enter Edge Computing, a way to locally store, sort or process this data. Similarly, as wireless cellular providers create a more robust 5G network, there will be network densification of small cell sites and upgrades to in-building systems.
The challenge is that many sites may not have dedicated space or available space for new networking and compute equipment. Enclosures offer a way to create a small equipment room wherever it is needed.

Edge computing.

The CPI Solution

CPI offers a wide range of environmentally rated NEMA Type 12 or IP 55 industrial enclosures that protect equipment from dust and dripping non-corrosive liquids or NEMA Type 4 or IP 66 industrial enclosures that protect equipment in process environments and wet spaces.
For Edge Compute, CPI recommends the RMR Modular Enclosure, with an Air Conditioner, and eConnect® Switched Pro PDU to provide remote power monitoring and control.
For Edge Networking, CPI recommends the RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure with FilterFan and eConnect Switched PDU to provide remote power monitoring and control.
Enclosures are available in multiple sizes and designs with various levels of protection against particulate and liquid penetration and can attach to all types of building structure: floor, wall, columns, ceiling. CPI offers a complete solution of enclosures for indoor spaces in both conditioned or unconditioned areas with a range of accessories for cable, power and thermal management, and remote monitoring.

Why Choose CPI?

CPI provides a total solution. We recognize that each project has specific requirements. We have a robust standard product offering that demonstrates a wide range of design and manufacturing capabilities. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.

Take advantage of CPI’s presale consultative services and custom design and engineering capabilities. CPI Power Sales Engineers will help you develop a remote monitoring solution to optimize enclosure performance. CPI Application Engineers will modify product to meet site-specific requirements, unique configurations, kitting, special openings or venting, even original designs. The goal is to provide you a total solution that optimizes your site.
Contact CPI today and let one of our Technical Support Specialist specify a system for you.