RMR Modular Enclosure Indoor NEMA Type 12 Cooling Units
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CPI offers closed-loop cooling units by Pfannenberg, which consist of two separate circulation systems. One system seals out the ambient air, cooling and recirculating clean, cool air throughout the enclosure. The second system uses ambient air to remove and discharge the heat. 

  • Closed-Loop Cooling isolates the external ambient air from the internally conditioned air, eliminating the risk of contaminants entering the enclosure
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Side- or front-mounting
  • Able to perform efficiently in high temperature areas
  • Uses environmentally friendly HFC-free R134a refrigerant
  • Backward curve impeller fan optimizes airflow and extends service life
  • Wide condenser fin spacing reduces particulate clogging while balancing performance
  • Hermetically sealed compressors prevent refrigerant loss
  • Actively evaporates condensate to remove moisture
  • Condensate drain port to remove moisture
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