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Test Drive eConnect PDU's User-friendly Interface

Chatsworth Products (CPI) invites you to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the built-in software of our eConnect® Power Distribution Unit (PDU) product line, which features a rich, highly functional and user-friendly interface.

This online demo software links to eConnect PDUs installed in CPI's Research, Development and Training Facility in Georgetown, Texas.

Please feel free to navigate the browser-based software, interact with each PDU, and learn more about individual features such as branch and outlet power measurement, alarm states, outlet grouping, and general exploration of PDUs linked in the Secure Array®. 

These pages at the link below are a protected subset of the many PDU settings that are available via an administrative login. For a full demonstration of the power of the eConnect web interface to set custom outlet grouping, configure alarm thresholds, turn outlet power off remotely, etc., please contact CPI customer service directly.

Enter this login: 

Username:  SalesDemo
Password:  salescpi123

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