Oberon™ NetPoint™ Bollards

These freestanding Wi-Fi bollards protect access points in auditoriums, sports venues, courtyards, campus areas, malls, parking lots, and more.
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Oberon™ NetPoint ™ Bollards 3032 is a cost effective way to extend wireless and Wi-Fi coverage into auditoriums, sports venues, courtyards, malls, and campus open areas permanently or temporarily. The Oberon™ NetPoint ™ Bollards 3032 can be used to mount Wi-Fi APs and antennas in locations where mounting on buildings or light poles is aesthetically unacceptable. The Oberon™ NetPoint ™ Bollards 3032 is designed to protect APs and antennas from weather and tampering. The polyethylene thermoplastic cylinder is virtually transparent to wireless signal. Large enough for APs, omnidirectional and directional antennas, and associated equipment from most vendors. Available in custom colors and custom heights.

NOTE: 6 GHz Access Points (e.g. Wi-Fi 6E) may only operate outdoors in the United States in the Standard Power mode (requiring AFC coordination). Low Power Indoor (LPI) Access Points are restricted to indoor only operation.

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