Colocate Enterprise Assets
Remote monitoring of collocated enterprise-owned assets. 

Most businesses now operate a hybrid network with a mix of assets in enterprise-owned sites and colocation sites as well as some managed services and cloud. Regardless of site, or even ownership of assets, your rack solution needs to address some fundamental requirements. Chatsworth Products' (CPI) cabinet ecosystem solution is the groundwork for you to successfully support, organize, manage, control, monitor, protect, and optimize remote equipment. 

If you own the cabinets and the equipment and are paying for space, power and cooling, CPI’s cabinet ecosystem will provide the structure to support a full rack of equipment and airflow management to optimize cooling. Additionally, remote power control, environmental monitoring and access control provides you with independent tracking and reporting of power use and site conditions. Remote power control allows you to toggle power to equipment before engaging a remote hands service. Remote access control tracks access to each cabinet to confirm remote hands activities. Even if you do not own the cabinets or the equipment, you should still request the provider to share reporting and encourage implementation of airflow management to reduce cooling cost.

Coloate Enterprise Assets.

If you are a multitenant colocation data center operator or managed services provider, CPI would like to show you the advantages of mandating airflow managementremote power distribution and control, environmental monitoring and access control. Airflow management can greatly reduce your cooling cost and remote monitoring provides reporting for your customers to confirm your service level agreements. If you offer the service of fitting equipment rooms or are considering this service, partner with CPI to provide a complete cabinet solution to your customers.  

Why Choose CPI? 

CPI offers a complete solution that is designed to work as a complete system, integrating hardware components, simplifying networking and enabling smooth integration with DCIM software, which makes deployment, use and maintenance easier. Additionally, we recognize that each co-location project is unique. As a result, CPI offers pre- and post-sale services to help operators and tenants understand how to optimize the system.  

Contact CPI today and let one of our Technical Support Specialist specify a system for you.