Reduce Cooling Costs
Airflow management contributes to increased energy efficiency and reduced cooling costs.

In air-cooled data center and enterprise computer rooms, one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing cooling costs is implementing disciplined airflow management practices to isolate and separate hot and cold air within the room. 

You should always consider this step if you are out of cooling capacity and/or considering adding supplemental cooling. Chatsworth Products (CPI) has demonstrated that well managed, air-cooled racks can support up to 30 kW of heat load, which well exceeds most standard compute and storage applications. CPI has the knowledge and expertise to help you optimize your cooling results.

The CPI solution addresses airflow inside the cabinet and within the room. Proper airflow management eliminates hot spots, allows you to reliably raise room temperatures, and increase return air temperatures. This allows you to adjust your cooling system to reduce fan speeds, increase chilled water temperatures and increase hours of chiller-less “free cooling” using economizers, which reduces cooling costs and improves PUE. For new designs, you may be able to reduce initial costs by reducing the number of CRAHs and the size of chillers and chilled water circuits. The CPI solution does not impact your level of redundancy, may help you gain points for green building programs, and may contribute to eligibility for utility incentives.

Why Choose CPI?

Overall performance of your system is improved by maximizing separation of hot and cold air within your cabinets and computer room. So, a high-quality seal for each airflow management accessory is important. CPI offers a complete solution that is designed to work as a total system, minimizing leakage and maximizing performance.

Additionally, we recognize that each containment project is unique to the site conditions and airflow required by equipment. So, CPI offers pre- and post-sale services to help operators understand the impact of containment and to help installers deliver a high-performance system.

Our standard aisle containment solutions are field fabricated to maximize flexibility, but we can also modify solutions to match site requirements. Our patented Vertical Exhaust Duct solution, which is cabinet-based, requires no specialized building skills to install, and delivers the best overall system performance.

Contact CPI today and let one of our Technical Support Specialist help you visualize the potential of airflow management at your site.