Build To Spec (BTS) Kit
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Build To Spec (BTS) includes all of the components needed to construct a ceiling-supported or cabinet-supported duct system to capture and direct airflow in the contained aisle. This solution integrates with perimeter cooling, provides immediate improved cooling efficiency and is compatible with economization methods. Field fabrication duct accommodates site differences and existing conditions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Field-fabricated duct accommodates site differences and existing conditions
  • Compatible with a mix of cabinets – different heights, widths and depths in the same row
  • Elevated, single-piece duct allows cabinets to be removed, omitted or replaced as required
  • Translucent duct panels and transparent door panels allow light to enter the contained aisle
  • Doors close automatically to maintain containment and reduce recovery time
  • A complete solution maximizes performance with baffles to seal around and within cabinets and the contained aisle
  • Durable construction and maintenance-free design provide many years of use
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