Motive® Double-Sided Vertical Cable Manager
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Motive Vertical Cable Management features an extrusion-based central track system and includes four tool-less cable management accessories. The unique design of the accessories provide numerous cable segregation configurations that allow for direct support of cables with optimal airflow through the cable manager, preparing networks for higher wattage in Power over Ethernet (PoE). 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Left and right side assemblies with T-shaped cable guides that align with rack-mount unit (U) spaces on rack
  • Dual-hinged front door and rear door assemblies
  • Central track assembly
  • 4 Accessory Rods
  • 4 Rotating Management Fingers (Not included in 6"W (150 mm) and 8"W (200 mm) managers)
  • 12 Cable Bundle Swivels
  • 4 Half Spools (Not included in 6"W (150 mm) and 8"W (200 mm)
  • Installation and assembly hardware
  • Frame has an extruded aluminum profile with an integral central track
  • Large radii are designed into many of the frame elements to protect and support cables as they enter and exit the manager
  • Touch points are highlighted in blue for easy identification and quick adjustment
  • Dual-hinged door opens to the right or left and offers push-to-close convenience
  • Hook feature on inside of front door provides a dedicated, secure location to hang a test meter
  • Available in a wide variety of heights, widths and configurations
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