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Unsung Heroes: Enclosures, Racks and Cabinets Form a Foundation to White Space Infrastructure Image

Jon Barker, CPI Technical Support Manager, Europe

Jon Barker of Chatsworth Products (CPI) explains why enclosures, racks and cabinets form the foundation of white space infrastructure and serve as the starting point for any data centre.
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Reducing Carbon Footprint Image

Ian Cathcart, CPI Channel Manager, Europe

CPI's Ian Cathcart joins industry experts to examine whether or not data centre owners and managers should take more responsibility when it comes to ethically disposing of network infrastructure equipment that is no longer required.
Optimizing Your Investment in Next-Generation WiFi 6/6E Image

Scott D. Thompson, President, Oberon, a division of Chatsworth Products

Oberon President, Scott D. Thompson, provides expert analysis on how understanding the technology, underlying infrastructure requirements, and deployment strategies for various indoor and outdoor environments can help businesses big and small optimize their WiFi 6/6E investments.
You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure Image

Jon Barker, CPI Technical Support Manager, Europe

CPI's Jon Barker, Technical Support Manager, Europe, explains why effective power monitoring requires the integration of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software in this piece for Inside Networks.
The Rebirth of Cool: Avoiding Mistakes When Implementing Climate Management Systems Image

Ian Cathcart, CPI Channel Manager, Europe

CPI’s Channel Manager in Europe, Ian Cathcart, shares expert insights on the needs—and differences—of focusing efforts on longer-term capital expenditures (CapEx) vs. the day-to-day operating expenses (OpEx) when it comes to designing and constructing data centers, and planning for effective airflow management.
A Comprehensive Guide to Bonding and Grounding 2.0 Image

David M. Richards, CPI Product Manager, Open Systems, RCDD, NTS, OSP, TECH, CT

A new best practice approach of bonding simplifies and expedites a commonly misunderstood practice in the ever-evolving low voltage world of ICT infrastructure.
Thinking Inside the Box Image

Jon Barker, CPI Technical Support Manager, Europe

Jon Barker of Chatsworth Products (CPI) explains how to make smarter and faster decisions by optimising data centre management through a cabinet ecosystem approach.
How Higher Rack Densities Are Impacting the Rack Space Image

Duke Robertson, Sr. Product Manager of Cabinet & Thermal Solutions

If there is one thing the past year has taught organizations, it is that business continuity is not possible without
connectivity—remote connectivity. For data center managers and operators, this means the stakes have never been higher. Each new generation of data center equipment is more powerful than the previous and can replace multiple legacy technologies. With the demand for data growing quickly, the need to consolidate and expand simultaneously is compounding. How can organizations ensure reliable operations and stay up and running 24/7 while keeping costs down?
ZetaFrame: Enabling Fast and Efficient Infrastructure Deployment Image

Jess Phillips, Intelligent CIO Europe

In an interview with Jess Phillips, from Europe's Intelligent CIO, Duke Robertson, CPI's Sr. Product Manager of Cabinet Solutions, describes some of the changing customer requirements which have shaped the strategy of CPI's innovative ZetaFrame Cabinet, as well as how it can help data center teams efficiently manage their operations.
Preparing For An IoT World Image

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

High throughput, low latency, network availability, reliability and security have always been top priorities in data centers, but the recent wave of technological advances—autonomous cars, augmented reality, 5G, and all other connected objects of the Internet of Things (IoT)—are taking those priorities to a new level and bringing new challenges to IT systems administrators and data centers managers. In this article, Raissa Carey provides a simple guide to protecting network equipment in the age of IoT.
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