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Upcoming Drive Forward Webinar: What Does a More Sustainable Future in the Data Center Really Look Like? A U.S. vs. European Review

July 25, 2023

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint, data centers are no exception.

While the United States and Europe have distinct regulations, timelines, and pressures, the ultimate goal remains the same: achieving a more energy-efficient and carbon-neutral future.

To shed light on this global issue, Chatsworth Products (CPI) is hosting a worldwide webinar event on July 27th featuring industry experts from both sides of the pond. This event brings together experts from Europe and the United States to discuss the path to data center sustainability.

Ian Cathcart, CPI's European Channel Manager, and John Thompson, RCDD, a Field Applications Engineer from CPI's U.S. team, will provide insights into intelligent power management, passive cooling techniques, and the benefits of single-supplier manufacturing.

The webinar sessions are scheduled to accommodate different time zones, ensuring that participants from both Europe and North America can join and benefit from the presentations. Make sure you register for the correct time.  

Register for the 8:00 am CT HERE
Register for the 10:00am CT HERE
Posted by Angelique Pollock, Digital Content Specialist at 7/25/2023 7:14:28 AM
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