Open Rack for OCP
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Chatsworth Products (CPI) is prepared to respond to the ever-changing demands of digital transformation through our commitment to the industry’s best practices and standards, expert engineering and unique manufacturing model. 
CPI's Open Rack for OCP seamlessly integrates the latest specifications and requirements of the Open Compute Project® (OCP) with some of CPI’s most impactful value-added features and services. Additionally, our unique customization capabilities and design engineering allow us to deliver products that meet unique challenges.

The Open Rack for OCP is a fully welded frame structure built according to OCP specifications to meet the demands of mass scale computing.

Open Rack for OCP features:
  • Fully welded frame
  • IT Gear Latch Depth per OCP Open Rack Standard V2.2 specification
  • Equipment stop lances
  • OpenU (OU) pattern retention holes
  • Cable lashing lances
  • Cable openings on top panel
  • Configurable to include optional side panels, doors and top panels
  • Heavy-duty casters

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