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Chatsworth Products offers a variety of mobile apps to assist its customers in accomplishing daily tasks quickly and more efficiently. Take advantage of these free apps!

The Chatsworth Challenge

Available in three different formats— desktop, iOS or Android for mobile devices—the Chatsworth Challenge combines multiple-choice based quizzes in three unique, immersive 3D technology infrastructure environments ranging from a traditional data center with power and cooling, to new spaces where the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless and other emerging technologies are driving compute into nontraditional, edge environments.

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The CPI Mobile App Suite

For Apple devices      |   For Android devices 

CPI Mobile App Suite is a collection of design tools developed by CPI to help IT and telecommunications professionals determine cable fill, select server cabinets, identify the best power distribution unit (PDU), and create bills of material (BOM) for cable pathway, while on the go. It includes these four tools:

Cable Fill Calculator

Easily determine cable fill for CPI products.

Building on the already popular version on the website, we have made it mobile for your convenience.  Whether you need values for vertical or horizontal cable managers, cable management rings, cable runway products and more, you will find it here. We have also included a star rating system to help you select the best products for your application.  Once you have selected the product and received your cable fill, you then have the option to email your results to yourself or your customer, CPI’s Technical Support, or Distributor for ordering or verification.  

Cabinet Selector

Quickly select the right server cabinet for your specific application. 

CPI’s Cabinets and Enclosures are known for having a wide range of product features. This simple tool will help you select the best cabinet based on your needs. It will ask for specific requirements such as height, width, depth, door styles and more. You can then build a part number based on the results. It will also provide an information sheet for the cabinet family selected, so that you can read about the additional features and benefits. You then have the option to email your results to yourself or your customer, CPI’s Technical Support, or Distributor for ordering or verification.  

Power Selector

Select the right power product with confidence.

Identifying the perfect CPI eConnect® PDU for your application has never been easier. The app will present you with a few questions based on functionality, voltages, amps, etc., to provide you with the best solution. It will then build a part number for you and provide you with the basic description and cut sheet.  

Cable Runway and Wire Mesh Tray

Prepare a list of project materials on the go.

Get started on the right path by quickly creating a bill of material (BOM) for your next project using CPI Pathway Products.  First you will select either cable runway or wire mesh cable tray. Then you will be led through options such as width, length, color, type of splices and junctions. Once these have been entered, you will be presented with a BOM complete with part numbers, description, quantity, etc.   An option is available to add additional part numbers such as server cabinets, eConnect PDUs, and other products. You then have the option to email your results to yourself or your customer, CPI’s Technical Support, or Distributor for ordering or verification.  

Wall-Mount Cabinet Selector 

Quickly select the right wall-mount cabinet for your needs. 

CPI’s Wall-mount Cabinets create accessible locations for equipment where space is limited or does not exist. This simple tool will help you select two of CPI’s top systems — ThinLine II or CUBE-iT™ — based on your needs. Once you make your selection, you will be provided with the cabinet’s complete spec sheet and given the option to add it to a BOM, email it to yourself, or to CPI Technical Support.

Nearby Distributors 

Quickly find CPI distributor nearest you.

CPI's Nearby Distributors tool quickly locates the nearest CPI distributor, as well as provide contact information for both the distributor and the CPI Regional Sales Manager.


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