CPI Divisions
Learn more about the key subsidiaries that CPI manages and supports globally.
With a strategic eye for innovation, logistics, customer service and quality, CPI oversees the operations and personnel of key subsidiaries located throughout the world. These subsidiaries, known as CPI Divisions, provide a fully comprehensive and robust supply chain, workforce and long list of innovative solutions and products that help broaden CPI's portfolio to provide customers with a wide range of options without sparing quality, responsive or technical support when it comes to powering and protecting their technology investments from the data center to the edge.
Oberon Logo
Oberon’s wireless access point mounting solutions and enclosures are used where wireless coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, aesthetics, and serviceability are paramount in the design and implementation of any network.
R. F. Mote Logo
R.F. Mote is a prominent Canadian manufacturer of racks, cabinets, wall mount cabinets, networking and colocation cabinets.