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2-axis Articulating wall Hi-Bar mount for most manufacturers’ APs and directive (or patch) antennas on pillars and walls. AP and directional antenna attach to this mount, and the antenna can be pointed in any direction to achieve desired wireless coverage. Wall mount bracket can be placed directly over data outlet. Designed for Cisco and Aruba Networks APS and directive  antenna, and many other vendors’ APs. Ideal for classrooms, auditoriums, and stadiums where directional coverage is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Swivels on two axes to provide down-tilt and azimuth coverage desired
  • Designed for mounting most vendors enterprise wireless access points with external antennas on the wall or ceiling
  • Designed for high-density WiFi installations
  • Can be mounted over telecommunications outlet

Technical Specifications

  • Design: 2-Axis articulating mount for securing APs and directional antennas on walls. Designed to allow directional antenna to articulate in both azimuth and elevation. Works with most vendors’ APs and antennas
  • Performance: +/- 45° antenna pointing, up and down, right and left
  • Includes T-bar bracket for attaching most vendors’ APs
  • Includes universal antenna mounting plate
  • Construction: 14 ga. white powder-coated steel
  • Size: 9 x 11 x 6.25 in. (229 x 280 x 159 mm)
  • Made in the USA


  • (1) Antenna/AP Mounting Plate
  • (1) Articulating Bracket
  • (1) Dome Cover (-COVER SKU Only)
  • (1) T-Bar Bracket
  • (1) Mounting Screw Template
  • Assembly Hardware
  • Installation instructions

For use with the following Wi-Fi/Small Cell Access Points:

AP-134, AP-214, AP-224, AP-314, AP-324, AP-334, AP-344, AP-504, AP-514, AP-518, AP-534, AP-ANT-17/AP-ANT-18/AP-ANT-25A/AP-ANT-35A/ANT-2x2-5314 antenna, AP-ANT-28/AP-ANT-38 antenna
1600e/2700e/3500e/3600e/3700e/3700p Series, 1830e/1850e Series, 2800e/3800e Series, 9115AXE, 9120AXE, 9130AXE, AIR-ANT2524V4C-R/AIR-ANT2524V4C-RS antenna, AIR-ANT2566D4M-R/AIR-ANT2566D4M-RS antenna, AIR-ANT2566P4W-R/AIR-ANT2566P4W-RS antenna, AIR-ANT5114P-N antenna, C-ANT9101 antenna
Extreme Networks
AP410e, AP510e, AP650
MR53E, MA-ANT-3-D5/6 antenna, MA-ANT-3-E5/6 antennaExplore Product Options
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