Oberon™ Wi-Tile™ Ceiling Enclosures 1064
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Oberon™️ Wi-Tile™️ Ceiling Enclosure Model 1064 is no longer being manufactured. Please note that Model 1064 supports only older model Cisco APs and should not be used for new installations. If you need a replacement Model 1064, please contact Oberon for existing inventory.

For existing Model 1064 installations that you would like to upgrade for Cisco 4800 or 91XX APs, order accessory 39-1064-COAP-MNT. This accessory is a retrofit bracket that will attach to the installed Model 1064 enclosure. Note that since the Model 1064 mount was designed specifically to flush mount older Cisco APs, the newer APs mounted with the retrofit bracket will not be flush to the ceiling, but rather will be essentially surface mounted below the ceiling. The 39-1064-COAP-MNT does lock the AP in place. 

For new installations, Oberon recommends Wi-Tile Ceiling Enclosure Model 1047, which is available with AP-specific doors or a universal dome door.
Oberon™ Wi-Tile™ Ceiling Enclosures 1047