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Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems

Wall-Mounted EnclosuresWall-Mount Enclosed Systems protect and secure information and communications technology (ICT) equipment outside the equipment room, in public areas or where floor space is limited.

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Enclosed wall-mount cabinets are available in vertical, hinged and floor-supported designs. Vertical cabinets hold equipment against the wall to minimize the depth of the cabinet. Use vertical cabinets to support a small group of network users. Hinged cabinets provide access to the front and the rear of equipment. The cabinet body is hinged near the wall and can swing open to access cable terminations and the rear of equipment. Floor-supported cabinets are also hinged, but the cabinet body is supported from the floor with casters. This type of cabinet can hold more weight than wall-mounted hinged cabinets and are used to replace a freestanding rack in small rooms where added equipment security is required.

Features include:

  • Mountable to wall or backboard
  • Enclosed with lockable doors for security and aesthetic appeal
  • 19” rack-mount width
  • Standard EIA-310-D hole pattern
  • Fixed and swing-out designs for easier installation
  • Wall-mounted, floor-supported cabinets offer up to 1000 lb (453.6 kg) static load rating
Product Cut Sheet
Static Load Rating
Rack-Mount Width
Overall Width
Usable Height
Overall Height
Usable Depth
CUBE-iT™ Cabinet System
CUBE-iT Wall-Mount Cabinet - CUBE-IT-MAIN-FEB2018-RGB72.jpg
The CUBE-iT™ Cabinet System provides a secure, easy-to-install, swing-out storage solution for information and communications technology (ICT) equipment. Attractive design, security features and range of optional fan kits make it ideal for public areas or equipment rooms with limited floor space. 
Wall - 300 lb (136 kg); Floor - 1,000 lb (453.6 kg)
Wall - 24” (610 mm), Floor - 27.3" (693 mm)
Wall - 12U, 19U, 26U; Floor - 33U, 40U
Wall- 24”, 36”, 48”; Floor - 61.3", 73.5"
Wall - 15.9" (403 mm), 21.9” (556 mm), 27.9” (708 mm); Floor - 16.8" (427 mm), 22.8" (579 mm), 28.8” (732 mm)
ThinLine II Wall-Mount Cabinet
ThinLine™ II Wall-Mount Cabinet
ThinLine II Wall-Mount Cabinet is a safe, space-saving cabinet for networking multiple systems in high-traffic areas.
100 lb (45.4 kg)
26” (660 mm), 36" (910 mm)
21.9” ( 31.9")
26” (660 mm), 36" (910 mm)
3.5" (2U), 7” (4U) and 10.5" (6U)
Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet
Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet
Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet stores and secures network and communications equipment at smaller worksites, complex spaces, remote facilities and public environments.
up to 130 lb (58.9 kg)
23.6" (600 mm)
6U, 9U,12U
14.8", 20.0", 25.2"
13.75" (349 mm), 17.7" (449 mm)
Wall-Mount Rack with Enclosure
Wall-Mount Rack with Enclosure
Enjoy the benefits of a wall-mount rack solution with the added protection and security of an enclosure at an attractive price. 
200 lb (90.7 kg)
13U, 21U
28” and 42”
12” and 18”
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