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Interactive Tour: CPI Passive Cooling Technology Featured in Cisco Data Center

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TeraFrame Cabinet Row in Cisco Data Center 
F-Series TeraFrame Cabinets with Vertical Exhaust Ducts

Cisco recently converted an unused office building on its Richardson, Texas campus into a Tier III data center (with Tier IV power infrastructure) to support the consolidation of its global network. An interactive tour of the facility is now available on Cisco’s Website. CPI’s F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet is featured in the tour of the “Data Hall” where Andy Broer, Cisco’s Manager of Data Center Infrastructure, explains the role the TeraFrame plays in their overall cooling strategy.

Andy Broer, Cisco’s Manager of Data Center InfrastructureBroer explains how Cisco is using 30-ton Leibert air handlers to feed cold air into two 14” mains located under the raised floor. The cold air then cools the equipment that is housed in CPI’s TeraFrame Cabinets located in the next room. These cabinets feature CPI’s Vertical Exhaust Duct, which channels the hot exhaust air into the drop ceiling plenum where it is delivered back to the air handler and then to the chiller plant. This type of hot air isolation is known as CPI Passive Cooling® and is one of the most effective and easy thermal solutions available today.

Cisco Data Center

Watch the interactive tour and find out what Cisco has to say about CPI’s F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet and Passive Cooling Solutions. To quickly find the part of the tour specifically about the TeraFrame, select “Explore the Richardson Data Center”, then select “Data Hall”. There you will find the “AC Handling Video”.

If you have any questions about this installation or would like more information about our thermal solutions don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment. Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist

Posted by Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist at 10/11/2011 09:52:11 AM

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