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The best way to know Chatsworth Products (CPI) is to see its Employee Owners in action. Watch the following overview video to learn more about CPI's unique employee ownership culture and model, its history and recent move to a brand new global headquarters in Simi Valley California.

Video: Getting to Know Chatsworth Products

Flyer: CPI at a Glance

For a quick summary and details on the company itself, its people, locations and other key, high-level information and background, be sure to browse the easily scannable and useful company flyer. View the document here.

Brochure: Company Overview

For a deeper read and understanding of CPI's history of product innovation, services and support, be sure to read and reference CPI's Company Overview brochure here.

Interactive Experience: Life at CPI

Get to know more about the unique employee ownership culture of CPI, and learn how it impacts the daily roles and responsibilities of CPI employee owners with an interactive, immersive online experience complete with photos, videos and more. View the experience here.

Resource: Branding Guidelines

If you're going to cover Chatsworth Products, you'll need to first understand the proper branding guidelines and usage requirements for its text-based and visual-based assets and resources, including logo usage, colors and general messaging. To get access to this helpful resource, click here.

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