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Prevent Unauthorized Access to Critical Servers with CPI’s Electronic Access Control Solution

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eConnect Electronic Access Control Considering the amount of sensitive data stored in data centers around the globe, it’s not surprising that breaches are happening more often. According to a 2017 report by IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, about 58 percent of attacks within the financial services industry, and 71 percent within the health care sector are carried out by insiders advertently or inadvertently. Because of that, regulatory agencies such as HIPPA within the healthcare sector, PCI-DSS within payment card industry and FIMSA within the federal sector are requiring organizations to deploy physical security solutions within data centers that provide access control and maintain a log of all access attempts. 
How can you ensure the integrity of your network equipment? 
Consider economical cabinet level eConnect® Electronic Access Control solutions from Chatsworth Products (CPI) that can be preinstalled and prewired within cabinets prior to shipment — saving significant deployment time. They leverage the same cards that are generally used by organizations for access across the campus. Their ability to be networked provides a way to remotely program, monitor and control access to each cabinet. A distinct log entry for every separate access attempt with a date and time stamp increases security and regulatory compliance. Integration into DCIM applications allows data center managers to be in complete control of data center security. 

Additional eConnect EAC features and benefits:
  • Leverages Secure Array technology, which reduces networking costs by 90% through IP Consolidation of as many as 16 cabinets (32 PDUs) 
  • Solutions that integrate with eConnect Power distribution units minimizes the need for a separate source of power and network connectivity
  • Supports multi-factor authentication through biometric cards for very high security applications
  • Integrates easily with DCIM applications, which allows organizations to use one single interface for datacenter power management, environmental monitoring and access control
  • Ships standard with three year warranty and an option to purchase two additional years
  • Allows administrators to remotely open cabinets for service personnel without physically being in front of the cabinets

Click here to learn more about CPI’s eConnect Electronic Access Control solution.

Ashish Moondra, Senior Product Manager    


Posted by Kim Ream at 10/02/2017 07:50:17 AM

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