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Six Elements for Deploying an Efficient Data Center Cabinet Solution

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When deploying a new data center cabinet or retrofitting an existing one, there are important considerations to keep in mind that will help ensure the best return on investment and room for growth. Chatsworth Products (CPI), experts in data center infrastructure solutions, provides industry-leading solutions to meet these six key elements:

1 - Space utilization maximization 

High-density cabinets provide future readiness and allow for optimal use of floor space.

CPI's data center cabinets are engineered with high-quality materials and expert design to provide maximum use of space and protection for equipment in high-density environments. Whether you choose between GF-Series GlobalFrame® or F-Series TeraFrame® Family of Cabinets, you will be able to address critical concerns such as airflow, cable and power management, grounding and bonding, etc.

Learn more about the GlobalFrame Cabinet, or the TeraFrame Cabinet.

2 - Effective airflow management – Passive Cooling® Solutions

Optimal data center efficiency starts with proper airflow management, and as an expert in the matter, CPI offers many solutions that comply with good airflow management practices.

Within the cabinet, it is important to have a front/rear barrier so cold air flows through equipment, but hot air does not circulate around. Within the room, it is important to isolate hot air and give it a path to return to the air handlers.

CPI’s patented Vertical Exhaust Duct mounts on the top of cabinets and guides hot exhaust air from the head to an overhead drop ceiling or ductwork to create a closed hot air return pathway to the cooling system. Combined with CPI’s other airflow containment products, such as the new Raised Floor Grommet, complete hot air isolation can be achieved.

To find out more about how airflow management will provide additional savings to your data center, download these two white papers on the basics of airflow containment: “Economics of Containment Systems.” and “Comparing Containment Systems.”

3 - Reliable power monitoring 

Power up your cabinet with CPI’s intelligent eConnect® power distribution units (PDU), which can withstand high temperatures of 65°C (149°F).

eConnect also features Secure Array™ IP Consolidation technology, which allows users to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address, as well as Click Secure Locking Outlets, which prevent accidental disconnections. Newer generations of eConnect also integrate with eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC).

To learn more about the best PDU selection for your needs, download the white paper “Considerations for Intelligent Power Management within High-Density Deployments” or test drive eConnect’s functionality using the online demo.

4 - Simple environmental monitoring 

Prevent downtime with a simple and automated environmental monitoring solution that alerts you for critical thresholds. CPI’s eConnect PDUs are provisioned with environmental ports so users have the ability to remotely monitor, record and analyze environmental conditions at the cabinet level. For a more robust solution, CPI also offers Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Systems (RIM-1000 and RIM-750).

Click here to learn more.

5 - Remote electronic access control 

Improve the physical security of your data center with eConnect EAC, a networked locking solution for data center cabinets that enables data center managers to keep a log entry of each cabinet access remotely, adding another layer of security at the cabinet level.

eConnect EAC fully integrates with vertical eConnect PDUs, removing the need to network and power the locks separately. The result is a single PDU-based interface to manage power, environmental conditions and cabinet access.

Click here to learn more about eConnect EAC.

6 - System integration 

Power IQ® for eConnect, a DCIM software, turns the measurements and alerts from the eConnect PDU, environmental monitoring and access control into actionable information. Track usage against known capacity, identify areas for improvement and measure results in a simple yet robust interface.

Take Power IQ for eConnect for a spin here.

Bonus: Speed of deployment

Take advantage of CPI’s ability to preinstall eConnect PDUs and EAC into a cabinet before it ships. Complete data center enclosure and power solutions will ship together making ordering, tracking and installation easier (we call it +Power).

Click here to find out more on how to configure a cabinet with a PDU installed.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

Posted by Raissa Carey, Technical Writer at 04/05/2017 09:10:43 AM

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