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Tech Tip: How to Test Your Failover Capability without Having to Shut Down the Power Chain

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CPI SoftwareHow do you test your failover capability if you lose power? 

Do you physically shut down one side of the power chain — once or twice a year — to see if the systems can handle a failover? If this is your current practice, you’re not alone. 

But, did you know you can run a simple report within Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Power IQ® (PIQ) for eConnect® software to proactively provide information to confirm whether or not failover capability within any cabinet is being compromised? 

PIQ for eConnect software features a specialized Rack Failover Report that shows which racks may completely lose power when one of the two redundant power sources fails or is turned off for maintenance. The report simulates a failover situation, indicates a prediction for a rack’s highest utilization percentage and helps preemptively identify racks that are vulnerable in a failover simulation. 

Using reporting details, users can:

  • Select what area to run the report on
  • Select what area to run the report on
  • Sort by rack utilization or name
  • Access historical information or use a last completed poll 
  • See a rack-by-rack listing, which includes PDUs and Failover Simulation and the capacity, load and percent utilization of each
  • Quickly get visibility into the status of circuit breakers 
  • Save configurations and run a report at any time 
  • Complete analysis and compare reports 
  • Send reports daily, weekly or monthly intervals to any email address

PIQ has out-of-the-box compatibility with eConnect PDUs, which provides all of the benefits described above. 

To test drive the software, click here. To see the failover simulation report, go to the Reports tab on top of the interface page. For more information on Power IQ for eConnect, visit the product page.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist  

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 06/30/2017 01:52:10 PM

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