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Chatsworth Products Unveils New Cross-Connect Blog Platform

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CPI-New-LOGOIf you are reading this, then you have likely noticed the Cross-Connect Blog looks entirely different. The blog, which will soon celebrate its 10-year anniversary, has undergone an extensive redesign.

Cross-Connect now includes all the features that allow you to read, search and share the latest information about Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) products and services, industry news, company culture and more.

Intuitive Navigation

The blog’s new, sleek home page was redesigned for a pleasant user experience. For example, more articles are visible on the home page, so you can easily browse through the latest news. 

Effortless Social Sharing

Each blog post now includes social media and email icons, so you can quickly share it with your social network, or email it to a colleague. (We’d love for you to leave a comment as well).

Feature Video

CPI’s YouTube channel is constantly being updated with new product videos, how-tos and success stories. Now, you’ll be able to watch our latest video from the Cross-Connect platform without leaving the site.


CPI participates in a variety of industry trade shows, informational seminars and other special events throughout the year. Now, you can easily see where CPI will be in the upcoming days or weeks. 

Search Capabilities

Need to locate information quickly? Easily find the related content by category, or search on the top bar by keyword. All archived content is stored by year and month for easy and convenient browsing.

We encourage you to navigate through the Cross-Connect Blog, leave your comments or topic suggestions, and share the blog with your friends and colleagues.

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Raissa Carey, Technical Writer 

Posted by Kim Ream at 12/12/2016 09:17:01 AM

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